We have our own Projects and dreams that we work on. However, that does not mean that we cannot make yours a reality. Opt for our cost & scale optimized services and we'll work with you to invent your dreams into reality with the same zeal that we put into ours.

Web Scale Platform

We specialize in providing cost effective IT solution for enterprises using open source technologies. Our team is specially trained to deliver the most scalable solution in the fastest possible time using cutting edge technologies and a hybrid application development model. We have already tuned our development process as well as our software engineering process to deliver solutions that are web-scale.

  • The ability to be flexible enough to run on a wide variety of operating platform ranging from desktop computers to mobile phone and tablet computers.
  • The software we build can serve several hundred users to millions of users by using minimal computing resources.
  • The software we build will readily cater to the global market requirements by supporting multiple curriences and languages.
  • We maximize use of open source software components in building our solution which dramatically reduces total cost of ownership for our clients.

Website Design & Development

We will craft a beautiful website that is completely customized your requirement.

  • Easily manageable for future content updates.
  • Feature filled Wordpress websites.
  • Beautiful hand crafted API driven HTML 5 and CSS 3 website.
  • Responsive interface to cover small screens to large screens.

Social Media Marketing

Let us take care of your business's online presence for you.

  • Directory Listing.
  • Monitoring and responding to Forum posts.
  • Creating and managing facebook, google plus pages and posting contents on request.

Creative Solutions

Our artists will create beautiful media content that will project the best of your product or service to your audience.

  • Creative Content writing for websites and blogs.
  • Animated video presentation.

If your requirement is for a cutting edge technology enabled solution,
look no further, contact us now and we'll make it happen.